We have formed a strategic partnership with selected companies to serve our clients’ needs better. These collaborations complement the strategy and mission of Integrity Accounting Solutions Inc and allow us to provide multi-competence services that address the most critical business issues.

Managed Service Provider

We’ve combined our resources with Ayvant IT Services to provide our clients with cyber security and IT consulting that both support and secures your online experience and exchanges data safely.

The Answer is YES! Is It Possible To Get A Better Return In Your Portfolio With Less Systemic Risk?

We work hard with our strategic partners to develop an innovative approach that provides our clients meaningful services as well as stability and business growth. Our motto: “Invest for growth, but more importantly mitigate losses. If we do that then returns will take care of themselves.”

The Right Messaging Online Attracts New Clients And Sales!

InboundAV is proud to partner with Integrity Accounting Solutions Inc to help increase your visibility, customer base, and bottom line. We specialize in User Experience focused Web Design and marketing solutions that generate leads. Let’s see how we can work together to bring you more business in 2021.

Diverse Tax Credit Opportunities For All

We’ve partnered with Incentax and their proven, client-centric process to identify and maximize all available state and federal tax credits for all types of businesses. Through a combination of unique data gathering tools and extensive due diligence, Incentax delivers not only a wide array of lucrative tax advantages, but a simple, streamlined process to achieve them.